As renowned experts in the construction of industrial equipment, we provide our services to major actors in fields at the cutting edge of the technology.

The GAMI Group was founded in 2000 and currently employs a staff of nearly 165 people working on 5 production sites, all located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.



For more than 20 years, and in a constantly changing environment, the Gami group has been developing in the field of precision mechanics. We monitor transformations within the market, and remain up-to-date with the markets and technologies of the future at various levels of maturity. An entrepreneurial spirit, a quest for efficiency and abundant ambition help create a shared vision and mindset for all our employees. These people are at the heart of our accomplishments and successes. Gami is agile and demanding, at the service of its clients, and determined to secure the collective success of all the stakeholders.

Important moments

2023 | Acquisition of our fifth production facility: Espace CN

2021 | Acquisition of our fourth production facility: Turbolub

2016 | The Group is awarded DESP qualification

2016 | Acquisition of our third production facility: Gami Cryo & Meca

2012 | The Group is awarded ISO 9001 certification

2009 | Acquisition of our second production facility: G. Constructions Mécaniques

2000 | Founding of Gami / Acquisition of our first production facility: Gami Précision

For more than 20 years, Gami has grown constantly, always adjusting to the needs of its customers and its environment.

(1) ISO 9001
International Reference - International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 certification for quality management: demonstration that our organization is on a par with the quality of our products

Our values


We always adjust to suit the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.


We always try to keep ahead of requirements and find fast and high-quality solutions to any issues we encounter.

Customer satisfaction

Our primary goal is attaining our customers’ satisfaction by fully responding to their needs.


The renowned know-how of our teams is our ace card in meeting customer satisfaction.

The GAMI Group specially devoted to complying with the 3 fundamental concepts:


Quality is not only a matter of the end product but also concerns the care taken at every step of our projects. We use our full range of skills as a means of providing the best possible response to our customer demands, always with the same goal: 0 defects.


The concept of cost encompasses design, production, follow-up and operational expenses. It is our conviction that cost control is an essential part in our firm’s competitive capability.

Lead times

It is absolutely essential to take manufacturing and logistical times into consideration if we are to meet customer deadlines.

The Gami Group is a member of the following competitiveness clusters:

The French Nuclear Industry competitiveness cluster

Nuclear Valley encourages the growth of innovative and novel solutions for the civil nuclear system, acting as a driving force behind all the different resources (industrial, institutional, academic and scientific) in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions.

France Hydrogène is an association grouping together players in the field of hydrogen

France Hydrogène is an association aimed at boosting the development of hydrogen solutions as a way of making the energy transition a success, of driving the dynamics of the economy and of creating local values to enhance the quality of everybody’s life style.

It is our firm belief that economic, social and environmental performance work together to establish a sustainable value creation system, which is why, in line with our founding values, we have defined a CSR strategy based on three precepts:

The growth of our collaborators, because we are continually on a quest for excellence and convinced that diversity is a source of wealth

Ensuring and arousing the commitment of our collaborators, because we want to be a company where working and sharing are rewarding

Guaranteeing ethical behavior, integrity and transparency in all the issues involving our ecosystem.

Our QSE commitments


The Gami group is ISO 9001 certified. Quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are an everyday commitment for the group, a reflex action at every echelon


The Gami Group takes pride in guaranteeing the health and safety of its collaborators, ensuring that all its employees are aware of and involved in the matter, by providing safety training and always thinking in terms of improving productivity with respect to circumventing hazardous situations


The environmental policy of the Gami Group takes form through various actions:

– Reducing waste,

– Reasonable printing,

– Machining swarf recycling

We aim to become a benchmark actor in the world of industrial mechanics. Our proficiency in mechanics, boiler-making and hydraulics enables us to offer high-tech solutions and produce complete parts and sub-assemblies. This proficiency is based on engineering skill running through the entire group, ensuring that our customers get optimal service throughout the production chain.

Our expertise in motion