As renowned experts in the construction of industrial equipment, we provide our services to major actors in fields at the cutting edge of the technology.

We can adjust our organization to the characteristics and the specific needs of any given market. We operate in 5 activity areas: equipment assets, defense, energy/nuclear, Oil and Gas and Transport.


The Gami Group operates in the field of equipment assets, that is, agriculture, agri-food, building and public works, packing and textiles.

We design and produce solutions for various industrial applications in the sector.

With ever greater requirements in terms of lead times, the equipment production sector demands great precision and reactivity, to meet the needs of each player on the market.


We have engineering capabilities for the design of complex structures. Our solutions are tailor-made and turnkey designs. We have all the human and material resources needed for building prototypes before series production is launched.

The Gami Group is also a benchmark subcontractor for the defense sector, with the means to produce small, medium and large production runs of complex high value-added parts.


The Gami Group operates in the nuclear, cryogenic and hydrogen sectors. We design and produce solutions for various industrial applications in the sector.

We have the ability to build special machines, bespoke equipment and components for every energy player.

We accompany the specifiers in the nuclear, renewable and thermal energy sector, in France and worldwide.


With sensitive raw materials, the Oil and Gas and petrochemical sectors demand high precision and unparalleled quality to ensure optimum safety.

Its recognized expertise in Oil and Gas gives Gami Group the skills needed to design and implement industrial solutions to control environmental and safety risks.


The Gami Group designs, builds and commercializes forged, machined and welded parts and sub-assemblies for the transport sector.

We are the strategic supplier for many major actors in the aeronautical, aerospace, automobile and railway sectors.

Whether it concerns the machining of technical parts, foundry work or machining from the billet, or to optimize traceability, we provide high-performance industrial machining solutions.